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Printer’s Errors in PRINTER’S ERROR

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Our book about human error in print contains a number of errors that we caught too late to change for the first printing.

As is right and true with the workings of the world.

I’m told that one was on purpose.


Food for Bibliographers

Now they’re fated to become the bibliographic points – the details we check to determine which edition a book is – for Printer’s Error’s first printing. Here are a handful of them that will be corrected in later printings of the book.

The First Printing Points of Printer’s Error

Page 25, 8th line: “Mütter” should read “Mutter.” Only one mother here, folks.


Page 187, 9th line: “fruitful translations” should read “fruitful transgressions.”


Page 191, 1st line: “I CAN HAS DEADLY TERRORS?” should be “I CAN HAZ DEADLY TERRORS?”


Page 205, 3rd line: “title aftermaths” should be “little aftermaths” (a euphemism, incidentally, for bastard children)


Acknowledgments page: Russell Maret’s name is spelled with only one “L.” (Sorry, Russell. You of all people would have caught mistakes like this.)


The rear jacket flap: the author photo credit for JP’s photo should be “Sean Samuels.”


You can order a copy of our book Printer’s Error, full of stories from book history through the lens of human error, at all the usual places: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local libraries and independent bookstores.

You can also order my co-author’s novel, The Monster on the Road is Me, from the same. Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

7 thoughts on “Printer’s Errors in PRINTER’S ERROR”

  1. I just started reading it and love it. I think I can tell JP’s writing voice from yours. Did you work together on all the chapters?

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was a challenge combining two strong voices (though in the end it made for a stronger book). We did work together on all the chapters; it is very much a joint creation. If you like JP’s style, I would encourage you to seek out his novel THE MONSTER ON THE ROAD IS ME.

      1. I am finding Printer’s Error delightful reading and very enlightening. I review for Amazon and think you both have an award winner here. Congratulations on your combined efforts creating a work of art for those of us who love books.

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