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Alta ClubEvent: Eighth Annual Book Collectors’ Meeting
Presentation on Printer’s Error at the Alta Club
Hosted by University of Utah’s Friends of the J. Willard
Marriott Library

13 February 2018, 6:00pm
100 East South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT
(image via Alta Club)

Reservations: Please contact Judy Jarrow by Feb 8 at
801-581- 3421 or email $60 per person.

Poe Balloon Hoax

“When Edgar Allan Poe Pranked New York City — And Inspired Jules Verne”

Mental Floss, 19 January 2018
Poe and Verne’s shared obsession with balloon adventures comes together in an unfortunate prank.
Original illustration by Lucy Quintanilla

Christmas Books
“10 of the Most Valuable Christmas Books (And Why They’re Worth So Much)”

Mental Floss, 21 December 2017
The stories behind some of the most sought Christmas books on the rare book market, from a department store’s marketing scheme to an inappropriately horrific short story.

 Reviews of Printer’s Error 

Published with HarperCollins in 2017, co-authored with JP Romney (The Monster on the Road is Me). Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your local library, Audible, or local independent bookstore.

The Scholarly Kitchen

Robert Harington, 14 August 2017.
“Every now and then a book comes along that reminds you of how delightful our publishing world can be.”

Popmatters, “‘Printer’s Error’ Is a Hilarious Romp Through Publishing History”

John Paul, 7 August 2017.
“…a rousing read told in a breezy, often laugh-out-loud funny manner. Who knew the history of books and printing could be this much fun?”

Washington Post, “A treasure trove for book lovers: Michael Dirda picks books about books”

Michael Dirda, 29 March 2017
“…these ‘irreverent stories’ are worth the effort.”

The New York Times Book Review, “(Early) Spring Reading

In Open Book column by John Williams, 19 March 2017
A short summary of Printer’s Error.

Publisher’s Weekly

13 March 2017
“…treasure trove of the stories behind legendary books and their authors… [a] terrific collection.”

Kirkus Reviews 

19 December 2016
“A spritely visit to the land of rare books.”

Original Articles

Mental Floss Tips for Handling and Storage

“12 Tips from a Rare Books Expert to Keep Your Books Looking Great.”

Mental Floss, 28 November 2017
I describe a few tips on handling and storing your books – including the public service announcement that you are all pulling your books off the shelf wrong. 

“13 Secrets of Rare Book Dealers.”

Mental Floss, 1 November 2017
In which I offer a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a rare book dealer. Opinions on white gloves, counting pages, and how well booksellers get along.

“X-Rated Twain”: adapted excerpt from Printer’s Error

The Atlantic, Spring 2017 Issue
The story of an obscene image scratched into the plate of a famous children’s book.
Original art by Joe McKendry.

“10 Everyday Phrases That Come From Printing”

Mental Floss, 5 April 2017
You probably knew “hot off the press,” but did you know “stereotype”?

“Take Heart: Shakespeare’s  Drafts Were Pretty Damn Rough”

LitHub, 20 March 2017
A portion of our chapter about the bizarre errors in our beloved Bard’s printed texts.


“The Skeptic’s Guide to Sherlock Holmes: 25 Facts about the Detective”

The Baker Street Journal, edited by Steven Rothman, Vol. 65 No. 4 (Winter 2015)
How much can we really say for sure about Sherlock Holmes?

Honey & Wax Booksellers in the News

H&W prize

“‘Grab Every Book That Grabs Back’: Notes from the 2017 Honey & Wax Book Collecting Prize”

The New Antiquarian, 18 October 2017
My partner Heather O’Donnell and I review some of the trends and surprises of our first annual book collecting prize over at the blog of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America.

H&W prize winner romance

“And the award for Best Book Collection goes to…”

Stephanie DeLuca, Melville House Blog, 2 October 2017
Thoughts from Melville House on our first winner, Jessica Kahan, who collects romance novels of the Jazz Age and Depression eras.


“This Woman Just Won a Prize for Book Collecting, and Now You Have New Goals in Life”

Kristian Wilson, Bustle, September 2017
Agreed: these collections are “goals AF.”

H&W prize finalists

“Six Young Women with Prize-Winning Book Collections”

Nadja Spiegelman, The Paris Review, 19 September 2017
An overview of our prize finalists, from accounts of natural disasters to geisha programs.


Videos and Appearances

Cool tools Optic

Cool Tools Podcast

With Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly, 6 October 2017
Listen to this 30-minute podcast to hear about some of the common tools of the rare book trade.


“How to Build a Rare Book Collection”

Barron’s Penta, 2 July 2015
Barron’s Penta visits Rebecca Romney of Bauman Rare Books for insights on assembling and caring for your collection.

“How to Invest in Rare Books”

Bloomberg Surveillance, 13 February 2015
Live segment with Tom Keene.

The Best of Pawn Stars: The Book of Mormon”

The HISTORY Channel’s Pawn Stars, Summer 2015
One of my favorite evaluations from the show.