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I am pleased to announce a weekly newsletter called Book Curious, which pulls together discoveries, news, & entertainments I run across as a rare book dealer.

Newsletter: Book Curious

In the newsletter, I will:

  • Fill you in on major rare book events
  • Alert you to especially incredible dealer catalogs and rare books
  • Tell you about my favorite discoveries, rare, new, or otherwise bookish
  • Link to noteworthy or quirky articles on books
  • Recommend blogs, interviews, or social media accounts of interesting literary people
  • Make reading suggestions based on my current reads or the requests of subscribers
  • Answer frequently asked questions about rare books
  • Offer contests, promotions, and other literary prizes

See what a sample newsletter looks like here.

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You can unsubscribe at any time; if you ever have any requests, suggestions, or other input for the newsletter, tweet @rebeccaromney with the hashtag #bookcurious.

Thanks for spending a bit of time around the digital water cooler with me.



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